Hello, everyone! About six weeks ago I started taking my love for cooking a step further and started ‘The Foodery’. It was a new approach to a hobby that I really enjoyed and was able to find people that shared my passion in all kinds of ways, from fancy to frugal, and from strategically planned to cooking whatever is in the kitchen. From these bloggers I tried some new “rawsome” recipes, learned time-saving shortcuts, and found beautifully prepared meals worthy of the most special occasions. Not to mention, I also made a few friends who are helpful, supportive and (whether they know it or not) unfailingly inspirational.

I want to give a big mahalo to one of these bloggers for giving me the incredible Sunshine Award. Justa at justafrugalfoodie has one of the most fun food blogs you will ever come to know. Justa’s recipes are creative, delicous, and fantastically frugal. Reading her blog is like having a friend telling you her latest cooking or gardening escapade over a cup of coffee, so it’s no surprise she already received two Sunshine Awards! Thanks again, Justa, I look forward to spreading a little sunshine, myself!

Another mahalo goes out to Annemarie at Real Food, Real Deals for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award, woo hoo! As Annemarie mentions, she and I try to incorporate healthy foods into our daily meal-making repertoire. We’re not vegetarians or raw foodists, but if a recipe looks delicious enough, we’ll probably give it a try! Annemarie is also a wealth of money-saving tips and tricks. She will give you links to coupons, advise you on money-saving strategies, and compare home-baked goodies to store-bought. (guess which one wins in the end?)

I would like to pass on the Sunshine Award to at least one person for now, and that would be Annemarie at Real Food, Real Deals! As I mentioned, her money-saving tips has helped me to plan within a budget and still dish out healthy, delicious, filling meals. There’s no reason to resort to frozen food entrees when you can easily follow her recipes and tips…thanks, Annemarie!

About the Sunshine Blog Award

This prize is awarded to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”As an award winner, there are a few rules to follow:

  • Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
  • Answer the questions below.
  • Pass on the award to 10 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs, and let them know you awarded them.

So, here are a few things about myself:

  • Favorite Color – (looks in kitchen) I like turquoise blue, it’s cheerful and optimistic.
  • Favorite Animal – It’s a tie between cats (independent, clean, small) and pigs (smart, clean, and I love hearing them eat…smack, smack, smack!)
  • Favorite Number – 8, because it’s a combination of my other two favorites, 3 and 5. And it looks like the infinity symbol. :)
  • Favorite Drink – Celestial Seasonings Blueberry Breeze Green Tea…hot or iced, it’s smells and tastes great!
  • Facebook or Twitter – I have a personal Facebook page, but have been paying more attention to WordPress blogs. You’ll find more info and awesome pics on WordPress.
  • Your Passion – Cooking, and nature/pet/food photography.
  • Giving or getting presents – Giving presents is much more fun…especially when it’s homemade desserts!
  • Favorite Day – Sunday, because it just seems like a good day for brunches and family dinners.
  • Favorite Flowers – Peonies, roses and tulips

Here are the favorites I’m following right now:

Just a Frugal Foodie
Real Food, Real Deals
Paleo Works
The Veggie Nook
The Taste Space – Steam, Bake, Boil, Shake!
REM Cooks
Whatever is In the Kitchen
The Copycat Cook

Here are the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award:

Thank the award giver(s) and link back to them in your post

– Share 7 things about yourself

– Pass this award along to 15 or 20 bloggers you read and admire

– Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award

Here are 7 things about me:

1. It’s hard for people to guess my ethnicity, so I’ll tell you right off the bat: I’m half Okinawan, the rest is Samoan, and French or Irish or Italian, or a combination of those, I’m not sure! In Hawaii, I would be called hapa. :)

2.  My favorite thing to eat as a kid was a block of cheese.

3. I met my awesome husband while on a date…with another guy!

4. Since I was thirteen, I’ve been a big fan of Sci Fi/Fantasy and Stephen King novels, and tend to re-read my books two or three times (I’m doing that now!)

5. I collect rocks and try to get a few when I travel or go hiking. I even got some as a gift: one from Antarctica, a Petoskey stone from Michigan, and a beautiful zebra stone from my mom’s friend from Japan.

6. Favorite meal from Sonic: bacon-sausage breakfast burrito (no cheese,) tots and diet lime-aid!

7. Dinner is my favorite meal because it’s the end of the day, you can relax and enjoy your meal and not worry about anything else.

And for now, I would like to give Gabby at The Veggie Nook the Versatile Blogger Award. I love her vegan dessert and breakfast recipes and most of them are pretty easy to make and incredibly delicious! Reading her blog has made it easier for me to want to try new vegan and raw recipes. Thanks, Gabby, and keep on cranking out those goodies!

Thanks again for visiting my site and posting your likes and comments. I am encouraged by your support and hope I can provide you with something interesting whenever you stop by. Eat well!