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Today I will formally introduce our trio of cats: Sammy, Wolfie and Trixie.

My husband got Sammy as a kitten when he lived on Oahu. Sammy is 14 now, loves napping and eating sliced turkey. But because he started to put on some extra ounces, we had to cut back on table food (he sometimes gets yogurt and Feline Greenies as a snack.) Last time we weighed him, he was a healthy 12 pounds:

Sammy, enjoying the afternoon sun.

We got Wolfie (actually Wolfi, from ‘Wolfgang’) a couple years ago from my mother-in-law’s friend, who couldn’t keep him anymore. He’s about 12 years old, loves to come on nature walks with us, is a good mouser and sometimes brings critters to the door (since moving to NY we got snakes, squirrels, moles and mice.) He’s the most outdoorsy one, as you can tell by his spiffy vest:

A hunter on the prowl

Trixie is the most recent addition to the family. We got her when we purchased our home in March, and she is about ten years old. She’s a sweet little cat, a bit skittish, but is the most playful of the three and makes use of all the toys and catnip bags that I initially got for Sammy and Wolfie. She has big, saucer eyes and a tiny mouth, both of which you cannot see in the picture below:

I told Trixie to smile nicely for the camera, she went all out

Thanks for visiting my first 23 Paws post, and be sure to check out the other bloggers and their furry friends!

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