I planned on priming the rest of the kitchen this weekend, but when Sunday came along, I didn’t really feel like it. It was cloudy, windy, warm, rainy, humid…not my favorite weather to be doing much of anything. My husband and I checked out a couple of antique stores–just to see if there were any coffee tables or nightstands we liked–and came home with a nice, old piano bench:

A few nicks and scratches, but I can deal with that. But that cover has got to go!

The cover wasn’t even hinged on, and there were something like 200 staples holding this flimsy fabric to the particle board.

My husband helped me cut two pieces of plywood with the grain of each piece running in opposite directions. I screwed them together before adding the old top, which had some padding.

Saving the old bench top (but ditching the maroon fabric) I now had a super thick bench seat.

A while ago I purchased a remnant of fake leather from JoAnn Fabric, figured I would use it for something, someday:

I stapled the opposite sides first, then went in a clockwise direction and stapled all around, 7 on the long sides, 5 on the short sides.

I folded the corners as neatly as I could (which wasn’t very neat) and cut the extra fabric before stapling them down. And here is the finished product:

This updated white seat cover looks cleaner and can be a traditional or modern look.

The inside is not very neat and clean at the moment!


And here is the finished product in our bedroom:

Though our king-size bed might be too large for this piano bench, it’s the perfect spot for putting on/taking off your shoes, or a perch for our cats.