I have to mention that I took a lot of breaks this week. I hurt my elbow from the increase in push-ups, then I wasn’t feeling well so was extremely tired another day. I also took the weekend off to just enjoy some time with my husband, and that’s always a good thing!

I didn’t take notes on my workout for the first 3 days, but here is what I did:


image source: extremely-fit.com

(Tuesday, Wed. off)


image source: avaxhome.ws


(Saturday, Sunday off)

Monday: Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs
Max Cardio Conditioning was pretty good, I’m getting better at the warm ups (high knees w/arms extended, S-S hops) and Cardio Abs is the same workout from Month 1.

Tuesday: Max Recovery
Like before, the Max Recovery doesn’t include any cardio so you do a lot of stretching before beginning the muscle building segments. Since stretches are always hard for me if my body isn’t warmed up nice and good, I did this in the afternoon rather than morning or lunch time. The exercises were just as difficult but I wasn’t as sore the day after like I was the first time.

Wednesday: Core Cardio & Balance (hooray!)
I was so glad to be doing this routine! It’s from Recovery Week, so it’s not as intense as the new stuff in Month 2, and I felt like a more experienced person because it’s not as tough (but you still get a good workout.)

You know what’s coming up tomorrow? FIT TEST! I’m excited and nervous and just hope I do better than the last time.