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Are there any cat owners out there? How about cat owners who are tired of dealing with a stinky litter box? If that is the case, maybe this post might help, and it doesn’t have to do with switching your litter—it has to do with going to the source!

Even kept in a cabinet, the cats’ litter box smelled pretty bad.

My sister and I went to a local pet shop called Creature Comforts to get more seed for her birds. I didn’t really need anything but decided to check out their cat food selection and prices. A really nice, friendly, knowledgeable lady named Mary ended up answering a ton of questions that came forth after she told me they stopped carrying my brand of cat food two years ago.

With so many products on the shelf it’s really hard to decide what’s best for your cat, especially with all the pretty packaging and “vet recommended” labels that can easily make me believe that it’s gotta be the best food for our cats. After listening to Mary school me on cat food, cat food companies, vets and mystery ingredients, I learned a lot of things. Most importantly, it’s best to ask questions until you’re satisfied!

I’ve tried several kinds of cat food brands and felt I did a good amount of research that led me to Hill’s Science Diet, but with one cat having constipation and another cat diarrhea and everyone having a bottomless stomach, I think the information I got from Mary that day was pretty helpful. The one thing she mentioned that especially got my attention was how certain cat food fillers–such as corn–can make their poo stinky. “YES, that’s exactly right!” I nearly screamed. I was so excited to hear that it’s not Wolfie’s fault for having stinky poo–but the food! Mary mentioned cats can’t digest the corn so the result is a litter box nobody loves (we even have it in a cabinet, and that doesn’t help to contain the smell.)

She suggested a couple of brands, and I picked up some FELIDAE canned and dry food to test it out.

Felidae vs. Science Diet

The first ingredient listed on the Felidae wet food can was ‘chicken’. Science Diet had ‘water’.

Felidae (left) was much less mushy.

I mixed about 1/3 of the new dry food into the old dry and went half and half with the wet food. Wolfie was the hardest to please. He doesn’t like the new wet food, though he’ll eat some if it’s mashed with the old food, but is okay with the dry kibble. Sam and Trixie ate all their wet food and left a little bit of kibble left (they usually have some leftovers).

Lip-smackin’ good!

After two days I noticed a significant difference: their litter box didn’t stink! What a difference a diet can make, huh? :) Even though the new cat food was better for their digestion, Wolfie was still finicky and hardly ate his food, even though I mushed it up good with the old one. I was worried that he would lose too much weight, but after a week he started eating a little more. Not as much as he used to, but enough to keep me from getting worried.

Besides, he’s been eating mice.

Trixie, impressed with Wolfie’s two captures (I think the other thing is a leaf.)

A content cat.

With Hallowe’en around the corner and Disney movies coming soon to a theater near you, my friend Squigly Digly took advantage of my lovely pet pics on Facebook and Frankenweenie-fied them:

My turn to Frankenweenie-fy Trixie:

Want to have some fun, too? Here’s the facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/Frankenweenie/app_341941615890198

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