The last couple of months has been a little difficult to come up with new recipes to share, or to even post about anything food-related. I’ve been feeling incredibly tired, my appetite has changed drastically, I haven’t been able to maintain my regular exercise schedule, and even walking up the stairs would send my heart racing like I just did a one-minute sprint.

I am told that all this will change and I’ll start feeling better…

…at least for a few months until I hit my third trimester!

Yep, as of today I am 12 weeks pregnant! My husband and I will be expecting our first child in August!

Here’s the little wonder that’s been making me so uncomfortable, yet so happy:


Crazy Cravings!

I went through several phases of food cravings, the longest lasting being vitamin C-packed fruits like strawberries, pineapple, kiwis and oranges. I also had a sudden craving for hamburgers (and I normally avoid red meats since it sits in my stomach like a lump of…well, meat!) and even had a sudden hunger (or thirst?) for vinegar.

I did make some recipes to satisfy my taste buds, though:


Fresh Strawberry Pie – ooh, this hit the spot! Sweet, slightly tart, and juicy!

Apple Fennel Salad with Raisins – One day I had a strong craving for vinegar. I sliced up some Granny Smiths, drizzled it with a bit of agave syrup and drowned it with apple cider vinegar. I don’t know what it is about vinegar, it’s sour and salty but refreshing! Strangely enough, I started sweating like I just ate a jalapeno (any clues as to why this happened?) but it really hit the spot.

Kal Bi

Kal-Bi (Korean BBQ Short Ribs) – This was one of the few meat dishes I really enjoyed, pre-preggers. Sweet, salty, garlicky, and with bits of burnt fat…yum!!! Sure it’s not on the top ten list of healthiest foods, but a couple pieces were enough to make me a happy camper.

Spicy Rice Noodle Soup_1

Vietnamese-Style Rice Noodle Soup with Fish – My husband and I have been homesick for foods commonly found in Hawaii (like Kal-Bi.) So when we discovered the only Vietnamese restaurant in town (Pho Nhu-Y) we’ve been eating there every weekend. I made this soup the day after we had pho, partly because I was still hungry for pho, and also because I needed something for this month’s Recipe Redux. :)

Have any of you had weird cravings, pregnant or not? Got a recipe to share?