Each Monday I’ll be presenting a “Flavor of the Week” featuring a food or seasoning that has a distinct and easily recognizable flavor that makes our cooking more versatile and our meals more enjoyable. The flavors range from sweet to salty, spicy to savory, and fruity to fishy!

This week’s flavor is…Cucumber!

 Click on the link to view TUESDAY’S post featuring a delicious Tzatziki sauce:

Chicken with tzatziki sauce

Past “Flavor of the Week” Posts:

Cucumber – Tzatziki (8/20/12)
Zucchini – Raw Zucchini Noodles (8/7/12)
Watermelon –
Watermelon Lassi (7/16/12.)
Pineapple – Pineapple Lassi (7/11/12)
Orange –   Orange Date Cake, wheat-free, dairy-free (7/2/12)
Chocolate – Chocolate Chip Cookies – wheat-free, dairy free (6/25/12)
Curry – Quinoa and Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Indian Curry (6/18/12)
Coffee – Coffee Pot Roasted Potatoes (6/11/12)
Vanilla – Vanilla Peach Jam (6/4/12)
Lemon – Lemon Sugar and Coconut Macaroons (5/28/12)

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