The leaves are falling, as well as a good amount of rain these past two weeks. I see a lot of pumpkins decorating porches, and our neighbors gave us some gourds from their prolific garden:

There’s not much for me to do outdoors so I’ve been getting ┬áinto little indoor projects, like sewing. I’ve made several pajama pants and this cute Hallowe’en-inspired canvas grocery bag:

Large burlap pockets and a big Hallowe’en bow to make it fun.

Fall colors have such a nice, cozy feel, and I wanted our living room to have the same! Last month I picked up some fabric that I’ve been eyeballing since December 2011. I was able to get it during one of the 60% off sales AND get free shipping! Waiting ten months to invest in fabric is a good sign that it’s something that I really REALLY like (and my husband likes it, too). I turned it into curtains:

Both panels measure about 9′ across and 7′ long.

When closed, the curtains turn into a fun wall mural and make the room nice and cozy!

I also reupholstered the dining chairs with coordinating fabric:

(I made sure to number the chair seats and fabric pieces to make it easier if I decide to put the old fabric back on.) Leftover pieces were also made into pillow covers:

KAS Oslo Spice and KAS Harris Spice, JoAnn Fabrics.

Our house still needs some renovating, but in the meantime some smaller-scale projects like making curtains and pillows will help make it feel more like a home.

Happy Fall!

Are you working on any fall projects? Indoor or outdoors? What’s your favorite fall (or Hallowe’en) decoration?