It’s another month for 23 Paws, thanks to Cinnamon at Eat, Pray, Tri!

Cats staying warm in winter! image source:

Those chilly kitties are seeking warmth wherever they can find it, even if it means sitting on light bulbs! Our housecats have more of a wintry advantage by choosing to stay indoors. Here are some ways they like to stay warm:

The Fireplace – it’s cozy, romantic, mesmerizing:

Trixie, caught in the allure of the flames.

Solar Heating – energy-efficient and cost-efficient, but prime locations are limited:

Down Comforter – cozy and comfortable, especially when flanked by two warm bodies:

Wolfie, off to dreamland. :)

Electric Heating Pad – Sammy’s nighttime retreat to warm his old bones:

Cat cube sits on heating pad, which sits on a piece of cardboard.

What are some ways your house pets like to stay warm? My sister’s German shorthair (she still calls him a puppy) takes up most of her bed and sleeps like a rock!

What about hibernating pets??