Since starting Insanity on August 23rd, I reached my goal of losing 5 pounds…then passed it by losing two more, woo hoo! My weight is back to what it was when I moved from Hawaii last November. I didn’t have to toss my favorite jeans, I don’t feel as tired, I don’t take naps during the day, and I am so glad that I don’t wake up with a distended belly because of what I ate the night before. Insanity + healthy diet = GREAT results!

What I Learned During These Two Months:

1. I can do a lot of push-ups! Practice may not always make perfect, but it can make you better.

2. But for those times when I felt like I couldn’t do any better, I did as Shaun T said: “Dig deeper!” Sure you’ll get tired, you’re working hard! Like Shaun T often reminds you in the DVD, take a break when you need it. That little break REALLY helps.

3. Blogging about my exercise helped me know my body a little better. Ladies, if you’ve never logged your workouts before, try doing it for a month, and see how your body performs according to your menstrual cycle (I noticed a serious nose dive during my first 2-3 days).

4. Diet is important! Fresh veggies, lean meats, low sugar, low refined carbs, healthy fats (sparingly). Your calorie count will naturally drop down if you eat like this.

5. Having someone to support you is helpful. I am not going through a drastic change like dropping 50 pounds, or trying to quit smoking, or recovering from surgery and getting back into shape. But I do appreciate support and encouragement. (If you feel like you’re trying to reach a goal on your own, read “7 Things to Remember When People Don’t Support You“.)

Okay, now, for the Fit Test Results:


After all that, I did WORSE?? maaaannn….

Well, I’m thinking it’s because 1) I worked out way earlier than usual (8:30am instead of lunch time), 2) I worked out on an empty stomach, 3) it was the second day of my period, so in addition to water weight gain, cramps, muscle aches and bloating, I had a big change in energy levels. (Ladies–you feel me, right?)

Yes, I sucked. And sometimes that’s how life is. But you know what else is great about life?

You get a second chance!

Fit Test Results, Take TWO!

I rested for 2 days, mostly because of cramps and fatigue. Worked out on Wednesday & Thursday, then did the Fit Test again on Friday (results are on the very far right):

Power Jumps: I started with 24…today, I did 44!

Globe Jumps: I started with seven, today I did ELEVEN! That’s 16 jumps MORE!

I was more concerned with beating my previous record, but if I look from what I started with to where I am today, that’s a huge improvement! This 60-day workout plan was a GREAT way to not only chart my progress, but to set a goal and stick with it. I think this was a really great experience, and I am happy with the results thus far. I plan to continue doing Insanity workouts and do another fit test in a week or so…just to see if I can beat my Fit Test 4 results.

Now to take some “after” photos so I can get my free T-shirt!